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Why study Finance?

 Not just Accounting:

Finance encapsulates many different fields. Computer Scientists, Economists, and Psychologists, among other professions, all find finance a good field to be in.

Understanding the World:

Finance is at the heart of the world economy. Every piece of news you see daily has been influenced by financial circumstances that are thrilling to dive into.

Related Fields:

Finance encapsulates elements of other fields, such as Economics and Data Science, both of which aid you in understanding the financial world.

Exciting Careers:

The Financial sector offers a mind-blowing variety of jobs that you are likely to enjoy. Whatever your interests, a financial career will definitely excite you!

What is our mission?

"Discover Finance" was created by three aspirational high school students on their journey to work in finance. Our goal is to spread knowledge of this incredible field and popularise it among the masses. 


The Executives

See the faces behind this project. 

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