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Finance Resources

On this page, you will find the resources we found useful when starting out. As we explored the field of Finance we discovered many different books, research papers and courses. If you are up for some extra effort - explore this library and pick whatever you like!

Finance For Beginners

Course - Foundations of Finance - Cambridge University (edX)

This course will provide you with all the knowledge you need for a quick start. Topics include financial statements and risk management.

The course itself is free, however, you may choose an optional upgrade if you wish to receive a certificate.

Book - Guide to Financial Management - The Economist

This book provides a great insight into the world of Financial Management. It covers a great share of topics including Financial Statements, which are essential to understand before you move onto more complex concepts.

News - Financial Times

At "Discover Finance", we believe real-world examples are key to understanding financial concepts. Apart from our news reviews, it is beneficial for you to keep up with the most relevant publications. Financial Times publishes timely news articles, which will provide you with great case studies to further deepen your understanding.

For Intermediates

Course - Financial Markets - Yale University (Coursera)

Having moved onto more complicated concepts in finance it is important to have knowledge of different Financial Institutions and how they function. This course offers insight into insurance, non-profits, the stock market and numerous other important sectors of the financial world.

Starting is free, however, an optional certificate with additional tests can be purchased.

Book - the Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham

The Intelligent Investor has amassed great popularity among the investing community. The book goes further into various investment strategies, with one of the most important points being that an investor must focus on the intrinsic value of a company, rather than its share price.

Banking Summer Work Experience

The best possible way to learn finance is to have hands-on experience at a firm. The biggest firms start applications processes in November, so it is important to look out for them regularly.

Finance Lectures

Public Lectures - Economics and Finance - LSE

One of the best archives of lectures from LSE's professors. Learn about multiple undergraduate-level Economical and Financial topics.

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